Bow Wow Detectives® Presents: Lolly Lolly Sucker Pup™

Bow Wow Detectives® Presents: Lolly Lolly Sucker Pup™

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The Bow Wow Detectives® Presents

Lolly Lolly Sucker Pup, Adventure #1

Lolly Lolly Sucker Pup is the tale of an adventure-bound puppy in search of her perfect lollipop.

Lolly Lolly Sucker Pup™ Series written and illustrated by Lisa Loucks-Christenson, follows puppies and their adventures as they grow up and become the dogs that make up the Bow Wow Detectives®.

Publisher: CoyWolf Entertainment™

Licensed Brand: Bow Wow Detectives®

Series: Lolly Lolly Sucker Pup™

Book Number in Series: 1

Author & Illustrator: Lisa Loucks Christenson

ISBN: 978-1-970165-00-6



Sold exclusively at the following bookstores:

Peacock Books & Wildlife Art by Lisa Loucks-Christensonin the Kahler Grand Hotel, Rochester, MN

Lisa's Books & Art in the River Center Plaza, Rochester, MN


™ Lolly Lolly Sucker Pup™ is the nickname of a puppy character in the Lolly Lolly Sucker Pup book series.

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