Lisa Loucks-Christenson's international clients use her work for: advertising, animations, articles, writing/and or licensing Lisa's books and ebooks,

business consulting, copywriting, design, film, press releases, stock footage and photography, and her call center. Clients (800) 928-2372 toll free.

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This site links to searchable online catalogs of Lisa's rights-managed images, gallery prints, exhibits, Lisa's radio shows, and Lisa's books. 

Peacock Books & Wildlife Art houses the Lisa Loucks-Christenson Wildlife Collection, a showroom for Lisa's documentaries, books, art cards, and Photo Traders™.

 All of Lisa's work (articles, animations, art, books, broadcasts, films, stock footage) is photographed, written,  created by,  and owned by Lisa Loucks-Christenson. 

Lisa does NOT represent authors, illustrators, or creators her work is published through various imprints, publishers, and international clients.


Lisa's photo, art, writing, and broadcast work appears on the Web, social media, consumer and trade magazines, books, exhibits, newspapers, and her own galleries, online and in bricks and mortar stores.

Since the 80s, Lisa has shot thousands of photo sessions for clients all over the world, traveled throughout the country as a travel photographer, journalist, and during her lifetime she's shot over a million images. Lisa licenses her photos and articles to publications, book publishers, advertising agencies, and her clients worldwide for their projects, and she owns two publishing houses, one for her own work, and a second for authors she publishes.  Lisa's written and broadcast, live interviews (radio, print, remotes on location or in-studio) appear online, and on syndicates. Lisa's remains focused on writing articles, creating ad campaigns, and shooting her wildlife images and documentaries and shooting stock photos, shooting photo request for clients, and her book publishing.   

Lisa's stock photo library is a body of over a million images of wildlife, people, lifestyles, animals, agriculture, travel, food, and business. All of Lisa's images are rights-managed (RM), and licensed through her. Lisa's artwork, photos, and exhibits are rotated at her bricks and mortar and online galleries. 

Lisa's stock photo library and personal work is a collection of articles, books, cards, exhibits, gallery prints, radio interviews, stock photos, and stock video footage. Lisa's lifetime work covers a large variety of her photo experiences over the years creating images representing: agriculture, Americana, animals, arts, artists, babies, backgrounds, bands, beauty, business, celebrations, celebrities, children, concepts, couples, dating, decor, documentary, drinks, education, emotions, entertainment, family, farming, feelings, food, fruit, gambles, galleries, health, high school seniors, history, historical, holidays, home improvement, hunting, illustrations, interests, interviews, landscapes, lifestyles, models, motherhood, nature, news, objects, ornaments, outdoors, people, pets, pregnancy, science, seasons, seasonal series, series, senior citizens, seniors-high school, sports, teenagers, weddings, and her well-known wildlife documentaries, and wildlife.

                                                                                                       ASSIGNMENTS & PHOTO RESEARCH

Lisa offers stock and assignment photography.

Contact us: (866) 562-5125

Lisa's images are managed under the license you choose. Images can be licensed for one-time usage, exclusive or non-exclusive usage; for specific time frames, distribution, language, print run, among other details that you choose. Prices vary upon your needs and reuse. We do not, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES offer buy-outs, or absolute sale of images or their rights. Copyright remains 100% with Lisa Kay Loucks-Christenson and her heirs. 

Gallery and Studio Prints whether purchased as art or commissioned art, are for your personal enjoyment use only and may not be reproduced, displayed on your web site or social websites, commercial purposes, business cards, or in any publication without a license agreement.

Limited-Edition Gicleé prints are sold through Peacock Books or Lisa's Books & Art for your art decor personal enjoyment only, and may NOT be reproduced in any way or form without notarized written consent letter  signed and with licensing terms assigned by Lisa Kay Loucks-Christenson IP Holdings, LLC. 


Business Consulting

News Stories


Investigative Journalism with photography and digital film (when possible)

Lisa writes fiction for various publishers and imprints under her L.L. Christenson, Lisa Loucks Christenson, Lisa Loucks-Christenson names.


Tremble Creek Tornado, Book 2,

Wolves of Whitewater Falls™ Series     

In Search of Spirit Wolf, Book 3,

Wolves of Whitewater Falls™ Series


Wolf Eyes, Book 4,

Wolves of Whitewater Falls™ Series         

Soul of a Cougar: Summer with Me-Ha-Toc, Wolves of Whitewater Falls™ Series                               

Timber Wolves Flood Rescue, WOLVES OF WHITEWATER FALLS™ Series

Wolves & Angels . . .  Eternity Right Where It's Always Been™ --Lisa Loucks Christenson

Book Series by Lisa Loucks Christenson

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