Photo: Copyright © 2023 Lisa Loucks-Christenson with her original characters for her best-selling and     syndicated comics.  Email Lisa to license her comics: or call: (866) 562-5125.

Lisa Loucks-Christenson is a bestselling and award-winning author, illustrator and photographer, filmmaker, animator, host of Lisa’s Walk The Talk Show based out of Rochester, Minnesota.

Initially, Doyen Literary Services represented her for major book deals, but she eventually established her own publishing house. Lisa’s won awards for her Inspirational Christian fiction, her children’s books, illustrations, book cover designs, photos, portfolios, short stories, and poetry. Lisa has written over 80 books and an extensive collection of short stories. Lisa's network of brands and retail store has exclusive rights to sell her photos, books, short stories, and merchandise. 

Lisa lives by the mantra:

Throughout my journeys and pursuits, there has always been one driving force: I never return empty-handed. Each day brings a new opportunity to share something—unbelievable photos and captivating stories just waiting to be discovered. Whether I'm out exploring locally or on a distant journey, my inner silence brings me peace as I document the Stories Picturing Daily Life.

 Photo: Copyright  © 2020 Lisa Loucks-Christenson with her award-winning story and illustrations for her Don't Eat Bees!

Lisa has achieved international recognition as an award-winning photographer, author, illustrator, and documentarian, focusing on bald eagles for over a decade.

Lisa Loucks-Christenson is the original creator of the bestselling book, Don't Eat Bees!, which won two 2020 Royal Dragonfly Award SM.

You can buy her loose art, framed, or art cards, exclusively at Peacock Books & Wildlife Art.

Here archives are found at:


THE FILE: 1M+ Digital, 35mm, 2¼, 4x5, B/W; 700+ historic images, Thousands of hours of raw nature footage. Will email jpegs or post to viewing platform.

NATURAL HISTORY: Flora, fauna indigenous to MN, IA, OH, WI, MI, FL, AR, MO, TX, MT, Behavior, animal tracks, man vs. nature, habitat, closeups, life cycles, patterns, backgrounds, inspirational, photo/text packages.

GENERAL STOCK: Photo essays, naturalists, raising orphan babies, pets, livestock, zoo scenes, night scenes, concepts, nostalgia, small-town living, old advertising, Americana, funny signs, people/animals in funny situations. Food: drinks, recipes (step by step). Healthful meals, snacks, junk foods, drive through/eating out. Outdoors: parades, festivals, fairs, concerts, hiking, fishing, reenactments, gatherings. Macro: feathers, rocks, butterfly wings, textures, food—great for puzzles or games. Stereotypes, Reverses: girl bullies, girl with pet snake, woman's best friend, mutt dogs. Family: birth, kids, teens, dating, marriage, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, people and pets, celebrations, tender moments, burial.

ENVIRONMENTAL: Raptors, wildcats, used in educational programs. Road kill, junkyards, beneficial insects and pests, rehabilitation, species invasion, overpopulation, urban wildlife, behavior, urban wildlife, ongoing issues.

SPECIALTIES: Hand-colored prints, art commissions (when time permits), animator, books she creates for her publishing house and others; food, people, animals, nature.

GEOGRAPHIC AREAS: USA, Heavy concentration on: MI, IA, MN, WI.

RECENT COVERAGE Migrations: Nature, urban wildlife, bald eagles, wolves, coyote, bear, cougar, tundra swans, Canada geese, terns, monarch butterflies. Relationships: birth to death. Predatory insect photo studies.

PHOTOGRAPHIC PLANS Call/email for itinerary; check website.

CREDITS (partial): Magazines: Career World, Diversion, Esquire, Perspectives, Self, Skin Inc., Super Hay Today, Woman's World, Writer's Weekly. Newspapers: Post-Bulletin, Austin-Herald, City Pages, Fillmore County Journal, HSUS, Kind New's, Leroy Independent, National Enquirer, Rochester Free Press, Times Plain Dealer. Book Publishers: Christian Schools International, Disney, Grolier, Harcourt, Heinneman Library, Prentice-Hall, The Creative Company. Game Board: A Lot of Fun & Games. Advertising/Corporate: Disney, HyVee, IBM, Olmsted Co. Horse Draft Show, Television: Ron Schara's Minnesota Bound, News: NBC-KTTC, ABC Channel6 News-KAAL, CBS Channel 3 News-KIMT, Radio: The Big Wild, Nixa, Voice America, World Talk Radio, more.

NONEDITORIAL SERVICES: Writing, slide shows, web design, gallery prints, exhibits, online presentations, films, talk show, interviews.


Photo: Copyright © 2022 Lisa Loucks-Christenson's Valentine's Adventures Exhibit at her bookstore and gallery Peacock Books & Wildlife Art.

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